IMAT 2016 Q17 [Conclusion | Childhood Obesity]

Childhood obesity is still a problem. This is often blamed on the fact that children have easy access to a range of unhealthy foods and increasingly have more money available to them to spend on fattening and sugar­filled foods. A solution seems obvious – raise the prices of all these foods so that parents will have more control over what their children eat and will find it more economical to buy healthy foods. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to work as the problem is also caused by the fact that unhealthy foods tend to be more convenient and that is what many parents consider when deciding what foods to provide. A wider range of ‘ready to eat’ healthy food options would be a good start to solving the problem of child obesity.

Which one of the following best expresses the main conclusion of the above argument?

A. Parents should have more control over the food that their children eat.

B. The price of unhealthy foods should be raised.

C. There should be more ‘ready to eat’ healthy meals available.

D. Children have too much access to fattening and sugar-­filled foods.

E. Child obesity is still a problem.