IMAT 2016 Q18 [Argument | Organ Donation]

The government is considering changing the law to assume consent for the donation of organs after death. People opposed to the idea would have to deliberately ‘opt out’ of the scheme, although relatives would still be consulted. The supply of healthy organs available for transplant would be vastly increased under this scheme. If the government really wants to improve the lives of people with long­-term health problems, this is a measure it must take.

Which one of the following, if true, would most strengthen the argument in the passage above?

A. Bereaved relatives find donation decisions very distressing.

B. The number of voluntary organ donors is small and not increasing.

C. Not all of the organs donated are suitable for transplant.

D. There would be opposition by civil liberties groups to this measure.

E. It is not known how many people would ‘opt out’ of the compulsory scheme.