IMAT 2016 Q19 [Argument | Unrealistic Images]

In recent years there has been increased concern that fashion models reflect an unrealistic and unattainable image of femininity and that this has a negative effect on the self­-esteem of many young women. Many major designers continue to design for an exceptionally tall and flat-chested female frame. It should be no surprise therefore that there have been several cases recently when designers have favoured male models on their catwalks to model their womenswear. Rather than being a cause of surprise or concern, this should be welcomed as a recognition of the fact that these designs are unsuitable for most women and it draws attention to the major differences between catwalk fashion and clothing for the real world.

Which one of the following statements, if true, would most strengthen the argument above?

A. Some designers have favoured male models simply to generate more media attention for their collections.

B. Some female models struggle to maintain the necessary physique for catwalk modelling.

C. Some designers are recognising that the physique of many catwalk models represents an unhealthy ideal for most women.

D. Very few observers noticed initially that the male models were not in fact women.

E. Surveys of young women have suggested that the use of male models makes the typical model physique less desirable to attain.