IMAT 2016 Q20 [Underlying Principle]

High profile members of society can raise awareness of worthy causes better than members of the public, because they have their opinions listened to and respected more readily by a larger number of people. Celebrities should not be shy about drawing attention to charities and foundations to which they donate their time and money, because it may encourage other people to do the same.

Which one of the following best illustrates the principle underlying the argument above?

A. People should value their superiors’ opinions on all matters because they have been successful in one or more fields.

B. If your boss does not commit any virtuous acts then neither should you.

C. If you can help someone else by donating your disposable time and money, it will help improve society.

D. Directors of companies should encourage their employees to recycle more by visibly doing so themselves.

E. Companies with the most employees should be put under pressure to commit to the most social change.