IMAT 2016 Q4 [Slalom Competition]

In a slalom skiing competition skiers tackle the course one at a time. Each skier makes two runs. The times for the two runs are added and the fastest total time determines the winner. Competitors who fail to finish their first run are not allowed to make a second run.

In the second round, skiers compete in the reverse order of their positions after the first round.

Grace took part in a slalom competition last week. She was the eighth skier to make her first run. At the end of the first round she was in sixth position, so she had to wait for 17 of her rivals to make their second runs before it was her turn again. Three skiers had failed to complete the course in the first round.

How many competitors took part in last week’s slalom competition?

A. 26
B. 23
C. 34
D. 31
E. 28

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