IMAT 2016 Q54 [Quantities]

Which physical quantity can be measured in joules per metre?

A. kinetic energy
B. momentum
C. power
D. work
E. force

Knowing that joules in SI units is expressed by:
J =m\cdot N = m\frac{kgm}{s^2} = \frac{kgm^2}{s^2}

Joules per metre: \frac{J}{m} = N = \frac{kgm}{s^2}

The measurements for the following are:

a) kinetic energy: mV^2
b) momentum: \frac{kgm}{s}
c) power: W
d) work: J
e) force: N = \frac{kgm}{s^2}

So we can easily say that the only physical quantity that can be measured in joules per metre is (E) force.