IMAT 2017 Q10 [Argument | Comparison Websites]

It is common practice to look online for a loan or a mortgage. This has led to a large number of ‘comparison websites’ where you type in your details and they search a range of companies for you based on these details. Night after night, there are adverts on television emphasising how much time and money comparison sites could save you. The experience of one user should make you consider the wisdom of using such sites. She gave her details to a comparison
website and received no useful results. However, for weeks afterwards she was bombarded with emails and phone calls from companies she had never heard of.

Which one of the following is the best statement of the flaw in the above argument?

A. It assumes using the internet is the only way to get a loan.
B. It attacks the website and not what the company does.
C. It assumes that comparison websites save customers money.
D. It assumes everyone uses comparison websites.
E. It draws a conclusion based on one example of how a company operates.