IMAT 2017 Q12 [Underlying Assumption]

The recently-appointed captain of the national football team has been publicly accused of adultery with several women, including the girlfriend of a former teammate. The newspapers have made a great deal of his extramarital activities and it has become a scandal. His behaviour has led him to be the subject of crude jokes. He has now been suspended from his duties. It is right that he has been removed from his position so that the team can start to pull together and have the best possible chance of winning the World Cup.

Which one of the following is an underlying assumption of the above argument?

A. The new captain’s actions have weakened team morale.

B. This new captain should not have been appointed.

C. If the new captain is fired, the national team will win the World Cup.

D. The national team will not win the World Cup.

E. Newspapers have the right to report on people’s personal lives.