IMAT 2017 Q14 [Argument | Forensic Scientists]

Over the last ten years there has been a huge increase in the number of television programmes involving the work of forensic scientists. This media attention has been matched by a massive increase in the number of courses and qualifications available in this field. Although this new attention has led to greater public awareness, it has not led to the creation of more jobs in this field. The work of forensics professionals has continued unchanged. Therefore, those who choose to study these courses will find that there is fierce competition for difficult and unpleasant work.

Which one of the following, if true, would most weaken the above argument?

A. Each year around 1500 graduates in forensic science compete for 200 jobs in the sector.

B. Many students of forensic science go on to pursue careers in other areas.

C. New technologies have brought about a decrease in the number of forensics staff required in laboratories.

D. The number of university courses in forensic science has grown at an unprecedented rate.

E. Salaries for forensic scientists compare well with those in other scientific fields.