IMAT 2017 Q15 [Burning Calories]

The table below shows calories burned depending on a person’s weight:


Five friends choose the following exercise routine:


Which one of the five friends burns the most calories?

A. Holly
B. Paul
C. Harry
D. Jessie
E. Josie

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The best approach for this question is to save it for the end, there is alot of different data being thrown at you and it makes this problem really time consuming. To give the most complete solution, I have written out everything but during the exam you will have not the time to do all of this. The best approach is to eliminate easier options and compare similar ones, for example Holly and Paul are in the same weight class so we could quickly see which one burns more than the other. Holly and Paul are also the only ones under 200cal burned, so we could probably eliminate them quite quickly. I would recommend starting with the person you intuitively think burns the most (either Harry or Josie) and then compare with the others. You can figure out if they will be close or not within one calculation and then you can skip the rest of the calculations if you know there is no chance they come close. Then you only have to calculate close options. Good luck and here is the solution:

Harry (85kg)
Activity 1
Walk fast: (310cal)(1/2 h) = 155 cal
Activity 2
Walk slow: (200cal)(1/2 h) = 100 cal
Total = 155cal + 100cal = 255 cal

Holly (60kg)
Activity 1
Run fast: (510cal)(1/3 h) = 170 cal
Activity 2
Walk slow: (150cal)(1/6 h) = 25 cal
Total: 170cal + 25cal = 195 cal

Jessie (75kg)
Activity 1
Run fast: (540cal)(1/6 h) = 90 cal
Activity 2
Walk slow: (420cal)(1/3 h) = 140 cal
Total = 90cal + 140cal = 230cal

Josie (100kg)
Activity 1
Walks fast: (350cal)(1/2 h) = 175 cal
Activity 2
Walks slow: (240cal)(1/2 h) = 120 cal
Total = 175 cal + 120cal = 295 cal

Paul (60kg)
Activity 1
Runs slow: (360cal)(1/3 h) = 120 cal
Activity 2
Walks fast: (210cal)(1/3 h) = 70 cal
Total = 190cal

\fcolorbox{red}{grey!30}{Therefore E is the answer, as Josie loses the most calories.}
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