IMAT 2017 Q18 [Conclusion | Glasses]

Many children from poor backgrounds would benefit from wearing spectacles but do not have them. Sometimes parents are not aware of their children’s poor eyesight, but most often they suffer from financial constraints. The government should provide free glasses to poor children with eyesight problems. A recent study of underprivileged students with poor vision demonstrated that those who were given free glasses enjoyed an improvement in test scores equivalent to almost a year of additional schooling. Using the most conservative estimate of the impact of schooling on salary, this would significantly increase an average school-leaver’s annual income and tax contributions, and by far more than the cost of a pair of glasses.

Which one of the following best expresses the main conclusion of the above argument?

A. Exam marking should take into account any disabilities the student might have.

B. Parents should be educated about potential eyesight problems in children.

C. Children from poor backgrounds with bad eyesight should be given additional schooling.

D. The government should help financially with the provision of children’s glasses.

E. People’s salaries should reflect whether or not they had eyesight problems during school.