IMAT 2017 Q3 [Time Zones]

Sheelagh runs a business from London with regional headquarters located in seven cities –Jakarta, Nairobi, Prague, Ottawa, Moscow, Canberra and Hong Kong. The company also has plants in other cities shown in the table. Her senior managers at regional headquarters work from 8 am to 5.15 pm local time and constantly check their emails between these hours but are not available outside these hours. All her staff have an international time chart displayed at their place of work.

At 12 noon in London it is:


At 3 pm in London she sends an urgent email to all her senior managers at her regional headquarters.

What is the longest possible interval between the first and last of her senior managers reading the email?

A. 9 hours
B. 14 hours
C. 17 hours
D. 16 hours
E. 7 hours