IMAT 2017 Q54 [Resistors]

A resistor has a resistance of 5.0 Ω. There is a direct current of 10 A in the resistor.

What is the power dissipated by the resistor?

A. 50 W
B. 2500 W
C. 20 W
D. 250 W
E. 500 W

The power of a resistor can be calculated with the formula: P= R \cdot I ^2, where R is the resistance of the resistor and I is the direct current of the resistor.

Using the formula we can simply solve this question:

P= R \cdot I ^2 = 5.0\Omega \cdot (10A)^2 = 5.0 \cdot 100 W = 500W

So the answer to this question is (E).