IMAT 2017 Q9 [Distance as a Function of Time]

The distance from Ardale to Banby is 16 km and from Banby to Carston is a further 8 km in the same direction.

David leaves Ardale at 11.00 and runs for an hour at 6 km / h. He rests for 20 minutes and then completes the rest of the distance to Banby at an average speed of 10 km / h. He chats with some friends in Banby for 20 minutes and then borrows a bicycle from one of them and cycles to Carston at an average speed of 16 km / h. David leaves Carston at 15.00 and cycles back over his route, arriving home at 15.50.

Which one of the following correctly shows David’s distance from Ardale as a function of time?