IMAT 2018 Q15 - Problem solving question

Hey! I’m stuck in this question.
I think my mistake was inferring that cutting the grass didnt include the edges (because they were trimmed). I dont know, I’m quite confused :dizzy_face:

This is how i did it:
Massa’s lawn is 6 x 10 = 60 square meters. It costs $12 to cut this, so $0.2 per square meter

Massa’s lawn has a perimeter of 10(2) + 6(2) = 32. It costs $8 to trim these edges so $0.25 per meter
Applying the same rate for the Costa as that of Massas

Costa’s lawn is 9 x 15 = 135 square meters. At $0.2 per square meter this becomes $27

Costa’s lawn has a perimeter of 15(2) + 9(2) = 48. At $0.25 per meter, it will cost $12

This brings the total cost to $39.
Hope it helps:)


Thank you so so much! :ok_woman::heart:

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