IMAT 2018 Q8 [Argument | Bovine Tuberculosis]

Action has to be taken now to stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis (TB). Experts agree that reducing the number of badgers in the most heavily infected areas will help to break the cycle of infection between badgers and cattle and begin to reduce TB in both species. Although badgers can be vaccinated, there is no vaccine available to protect our cattle, and best estimates suggest it will be ten years before one is available. The only way to stop bovine TB spreading is to kill badgers.

Which one of the following, if true, most strengthens the above argument?

A. Five annual vaccinations are necessary to protect a badger fully against bovine TB.

B. Less than ten per cent of the dairy cows destroyed each year are destroyed because of bovine TB.

C. In a trial, killing ten thousand badgers reduced the TB rate in cattle by only fifteen per cent.

D. Shooting large numbers of badgers is more expensive than vaccinating them.

E. When efforts are made to remove badgers, many are injured rather than killed outright.

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