IMAT 2018 q9 - Tetrahedron

Hey everyone,

Can anyone please explain why is the answer D?

Hi! Here’s how i answered it:

the shapes are only coloured on one side and i’m assuming the shapes are taped together as shown before we assemble the pyramid

so for D): to build a pyramid with B as a base we would have to have R to the RIGHT of G and the P to the LEFT of G no matter how you rotate the shape once assembled

for A): to build a pyramid with R as a base we would have to have the G to the left of P and B to the right to P, no matter how the shape is rotated once assembled, which is the case here

Hope this helps!


Hi Juliette,

Thank you very much for the explanation. It took me a while to get it actually, I even had to make my own model of that tetrahedral:D I realised the tetrahedral has only one side coloured and the other one is blank, which confused me before. Thanks a lot!


Haha that’s a smart idea! i wish we could have time on the test to build ourselves a model :confused:

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If you want to quickly narrow down your options, look between C and D. They both have the same letters shown, but if you rotate option D to get P on the base, then you will see that it is different then option C (when it should be the same because we have the same base, and the same colours on the sides but in the wrong position). From here you can figure out how to eliminate one of the two options