IMAT 2019 Question 5

HEY, I’ve been struggling with this question for a while and seems like I can’t find how exactly my perception is wrong
well, in summery it says one event in each can get doubled
1)))6+1+1=8 points
by doubling 6 we will have 14 points ,anything have doubled? CHECK
doubling one 6,12+1+6=19 CHECK
by doubling 1,2+3+6+3=14 CHECK
doubling one 3,6+3+3=12 CHECK
doubling 6,1+12=13 CHECK

I THOUGHT it would be E (all 5) but what is wrong with my calculations?
the answer is C


the question is looking for which girls won the event they played their joker (the event they got first place in)

kelly didn’t win first place in any race so this isn’t a possible answer, 4) wrong

for carolina you doubled the score she got in third place and we do get her total number of points, but to be a solution to the problem she would have needed to double her score in FIRST place, so 1+3+12+3 =/= 14

Hope this helps!

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THANK YOU for replying, but from which part of the question can we draw this conclusion that the doubled point has to be the point gained from achieving the first place?


it says “how many of the girls won the event in which they had elected to play their joker”, this is a complicated way of asking which girls played their joker in the race they got first place in

I also read the question too fast when i did this past paper! i was pretty confused!


Oooo they WON the event ,means the first place , I totally missed that!!! thank you for your considerate explanation

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