IMAT 2020 Q1 [Argument | Prison Books]

In some countries, prisoners may purchase books with the money they earn by working. Hence receiving gifts of books may discourage prisoners from undertaking paid work while in prison. This work is important in building self-esteem and encouraging a work ethic among prisoners. In any case, prisoners have access to books through the prison library. Therefore prisoners
should not be allowed to receive parcels containing books from friends or relatives while they are serving their sentence.

Which one of the following, if true, most strengthens the above argument?

A. Many parcels of books sent by relatives or friends have been found to contain illegal drugs.

B. Prisoners often read detective stories which may encourage them to glamorise crime.

C. The range of books available in prison libraries is limited.

D. Many prisoners have difficulty finding work when they are released because of their low level of literacy.

E. Prisoners have to purchase a range of items from their wages, including a television licence.

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