IMAT 2020 Q25 [DNA Replication and Transcription]

The occurrence of which of the following could allow you to distinguish between the processes of DNA replication and transcription?

  1. The breaking of hydrogen bonds.
  2. The formation of hydrogen bonds.
  3. The formation of phosphodiester bonds.

A. only
B. 3 only
C. none of them
D. 2 only
E. 1 and 2 only

The correct answer is C.

Let´s review what DNA replication and transcription are :

DNA replication

DNA replication is, like the name suggests, the process that allows the production of 2 replicas of one DNA molecule. Its purpose is to permit cell division during growth, tissue repair, and ultimately, biological inheritance.

DNA transcription

DNA transcription is the process that allows the formation of a single complementary strand of RNA, based on the DNA structure. It is a process that can be divided into 3 steps : initiation, elongation and termination ; its byproducts will be made into functional proteins.

Therefore, the main difference between the processes of DNA replication and transcription is their purpose.