IMAT 2020 Q3 - Logical reasoning

Hey everyone,

does anyone please know to solve this problem?

Also is there any good strategy to use when solving these “non-verbal” reasoning problems involving folding or rotating shapes?

I personally did this question by folding out a piece of paper and then following the above instructions which eventually gave me option B as my answer.

These types of questions as well as similar spatial reasoning ones related to cube requires mental imaging, I’m not sure if we will be given extra pages in the IMAT as without using paper i had a difficult time solving these types of questions as you need excellent spatial memory.
If anyone has a better way kindly help out.

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These questions are tricky, i solved it by imagining just the first step in my head and eliminating the answers from there
Here imagine we fold it just once and draw a dot, when we unfold it and flip the paper over, that first dot can only be placed where the most right dot is on option B)
so just from that we know every other answer is wrong, and we don’t need to think about the other dots

I hope i’m clear enough :sweat_smile:


Hey! Thank you so much, I get it now!