IMAT 2021 Chemistry Q51

Hi, I can calculate the ph < 2 but I don’t know how “25 degree” affect it? And this sentence is true. Can anyone explain more for me? Thank you very much!!!


this question has already been solved, look up the key term “H2SO4” in the searchbar and it’s the first result
We mention 25°C so we know we’re in standard state, so we don’t need to consider the fact that pH falls when temperatures rise (more Ek so more ionization of water, so higher concentration of H⁺ and HO⁻ so pH falls pOH rises but the overall solution of H2O stays neutral)

The BMAT does this a lot, they add these details in the text to make the question clearer, we can rule out the very specific or very rare cases where the solution could not be considered correct


Hi, so in anycase 25°C is standard state right? This 25°C make me confuse a lot because I don’t know exactly whether it is in standard state.
Thank you very much!!!

yes, thats the standard

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