imat 2021 logical reasoning

can someone help me solve this issue of imat 2021?

ln a survey of cats’ eating habits, 10% of the cats tested showed a clear preference for Moggiemeat,
20% preferred Fuss-a-Puss and 40% preferred Yummy Paws. An additional 6 cats did not seem to
care at all which of the three foods they ate, while the remaining 27 cats in the survey would not
touch any of these foods.
How many cats were involved in the survey?

Edit: Sorry, wrong answer!


The correct answer is 110
27+6=33 cats have no preference or didn’t try it

These cats are the remaining 30% of the survey
(since 10%+20%+40%=70% that had a preference)

33 * 100 / 30 = 110

Hope this helps!
please include the correct answer in your posts that way it’s easier to solve

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