IMAT 2021 Problem Solving

Hi everyone! I never understood how to solve this question. When I seated the women in a way that almost none of them had to sit next to a man, how can it be 2. From what I calculated, at least 2 women did have to sit next to a man. Thanks!!


Hi Raya!
This is how i did this question:
Let’s assume we have a large round table around which we have a total of 20 people sitting such that after every two female there’s a male sitting continue this pattern (i.e putting a male after every two females) until we have all the males completely used up and then you’ll find that there are just two females who doesn’t have males sitting next to them you can try it by drawing it on a piece of paper apologies for not being able to upload a diagram hope you get what i mean to say.
Let me know whether you get it or not:)