IMAT 2022 Chemistry Q43

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Hi! I do not fully understand, how to answer the question here, I answered it based on excluding the answers that I knew were 100 percent incorrect. Like, if I will add sodium sulfide to the solution, I will increase the concentration on the right part of equilibrium, that means it will shift to the left. Likewise, if I add hydrochloric acid it will dissociate into H+ and Cl-, hydrogen will most probably connect to the S2- and will create the H2S. How to properly solve this question? Thank you

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could you give the answer to this question? thanks! also which year is this one

Hey! The answer is A and it is IMAT 2022

hope this helps!


Guys! You forgot that HCl is an acid, and OH- is basic. We also have that as part of our equilibrium!

could you explain this a little bit more? is the answer wrong or did i give missing information? i couldn’t get it, thanks

Adding an acid will cause it to shift to the left, which contains a base (OH-) to make sure we maintain the equilibrium

Then, is Nihan’s reasoning correct, since acids (HCl, Na2SO4) will demolish 2 hydroxides and cause an increase in moles of H2S?

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yes! the H+ will react with OH- causing a decrease in OH- causing a shift to the left side. just forgot to mention that it is an acid base reaction. instead of saying the whole reaction with OH-, I could’ve used acid base reaction in shorter terms

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na2so4? does this result from the reactions or did you mean statement 3 which is Na2S?

@Karam I meant when Na2S reacts with hydroxides to create Na2SO4 :slight_smile: Sorry for inconvenience

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no worries thanks for clarifying

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