IMAT 2022 Q 50 ionization energy trend

[Atomic numbers: Li = 3; Be = 4; Na = 11]

A Be, Li, Na
B Na, Be, Li
C Be, Na, Li
D Li, Be, Na
E Li, Na, Be

An IMAT answer key pointed out that the correct answer for this question was A (Be, Li, Na)… but doesn’t Beryllium have a higher ionization energy than lithium??


Answer A) is correct, it’s an exception to the periodic table trends

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hi you are correct the ionization of Be is greater than Li ,and Li is greater than Na. when question say ( in order of DECREASING first ionization
energies?) you start from greatest to smallest IE . and just for the sake of it if it asks of INCREASING IE you start from the smallest to greatest.

hi exceptions for ionization energy is only between G2>G3 and G5>G6.