IMAT 2022 question 39


The answer is A) 2 and 3 only
I don’t understand if X is H2O and hydrolysis of the triglyceride occurs, we should be left with Y as a carboxylic acid (RCOOH) not as an ester?
Is this because we could hydrolyse with something else to end up with RCOOR?


If anyone’s curious i found the answer:
This reaction is not the hydrolysis of a triglyceride into glycerol + 3 fatty acids :upside_down_face:
We are synthesizing a biofuel, and biodesel is primarily made of FAME (fatty acid methyl esters), a type of fatty acid ester that are derived by transesterification of fats with methanol


thanks! I was having similar problem but this kinda givs me some clue!

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