IMAT 2022 test format

Do you think IMAT 2022 test format will change?
And if it will,when they announce that?

Hey! First of all, welcome to the community :hugs:

So as of now we cannot say much. We’ve seen that the “Test di Medicina”, [NOT THE IMAT!] there’s been some changes to some sections- but that does not mean we can assume the same for the IMAT.

Though there’s been some speculation, it’s best to wait to see what the MIUR, within an official decree, says in the upcoming weeks.

They should be releasing a decree soon, specifying and answering most of our doubts regarding the IMAT for 2022/2023; the new syllabus, any format changes etc… Most of the official updates should start appearing in the first couple weeks of July, so we can truly answer that question by then.

For more detail, we addressed the speculation in this article here.

I hope this clears it up!