Imat 2023 changes

hey guys
did you see the changes about imat 2023?what is your opinion on this?the things will be better or worse?how are we going to approach the test from now on and what should we change about our preperation and study?
i would like to hear opinions from students that have passed the imat and from those that are preparing for this year
thank you very much

I think it is similar to the last year. I know that the test is no longer organized by Cambridge Assessment. I think that things will be better.

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hey, it’s not an answer but where can I check that? I would be thankful


hello! i tried imat last year as well and in my opinion general culture questions were a plus for more aged people as they probably heard it and even lived these stuff more than just high school graduates. and that was causing high school graduates to get a set back in the ratings. making biology questions more was definitely a good move. i believe logic will be all reading questions to test you English level. chemistry will be the same but biology will probs contain way more anatomy questions in detail. for math and physics i think the level wont change a lot as the curriculum of it is the same and it’s kinda the least of the concerned questions out of all.
hope this helps