IMAT biology- necrosis?

  1. Apoptosis is programmed cell death characterized by the formation of apoptotic bodies
    whereas necrosis is characterized by bursting of cells. Which of the following condition/s lead/s
    to necrosis?
    a. Gaps and nicks formed in DNA during replication cannot be repaired.
    b. Developing neurons fail to make synapses with neighbouring cells.
    c. Heart muscle cells damaged by oxygen depletion followed by cardiac infarction.
    A. i and ii
    B. ii and iii
    C. i only
    D. iii only
    E.none of the above

What’s the answer for this q?


hey here’s how i answered the question:

  • apoptosis is ATP-dependent, in an anoxic environment we won’t be able to generate enough ATP to carry out such an energy demanding process.
    So iii) will result in necrosis

  • i) and ii) will result in apoptosis as the cell has normal physiological conditions to assess if they’re properly functioning or not and program cell death.

So my answer would be D

is this relevant for the IMAT?

not sure. but just in case