Imat course question

i studied imat for 2 months and got above 35 but the documents I had are finished and obviously not enough. for the entermedschool course, if I start from studying the course now, do I have a chance to get in for next year?
for people who have taken this course, was the documents provided enough for you or did you also use any other books?

Are you referring to the free or paid course?

oh sorry i forgot the give the detail, i was talking about the paid course.

Alright! Will tag a few of my students here to share their experience:) @DariusDuhan @Khinehsustella @Ujjwal



In my opinion, there isn’t a better way to prepare for the IMAT than using Ari’s Summer course. There are a few reasons for that:

  1. The strategy towards solving the exam is really important and Ari does an amazing job in teaching you how to approach it.

  2. The course is focused on the high-yield material for biology, chemistry and maths/physics, and it also covers difficult topics from the specification. You have access to tons of videos and lectures on almost any topic from the exam specification!

  3. You get access to a community of really helpful people, who support you with your studies and help you with everything you need.

  4. Finally, Ari creates guides and plans to work your way through the preparations and he makes sure you are prepared well before the actual exam:)

Regarding the books, I would suggest using them and studying from them too (eg. Pearson Edexcel Biology/Chemistry, Barron’s Maths/Physics). This is because it is crucial for you to cover the whole specification on your own together with using entermedschool’s material for revision.

In my case for instance, I had to review the whole maths/physics specification because I had forgotten a lot of it from high school:D However, regarding biology and chemistry, I had done my school-leaving exam from them, therefore I had to focus mainly on the difficult areas (like physiology, which Ari covered perfectly).

I’m sorry about your result from the IMAT this year, but do not give up. I’m sure you will do a lot better next time if you start your preparation soon, work hard in your studies and consider purchasing the Summer course (now might be a good time, because it is in a great discount!). I really hope this helps, let me know if you need more info and I’ll be glad to help you:)


Hey! :ok_woman:
I took IMAT summer course of Ari when I was preparing for the exam this year and I could say that the course was by far the best one to use for the IMAT exam. :heart:
I graduated high school already a long time ago, and never took A levels and IB exams before so studying the materials by myself was challenging for me but taking Ari’s course boosted my confidence a lot on my knowledge regarding the study contents!:two_hearts: As Darius mentioned, all the benefits obtained from taking the course really make this course spectacular and I am pretty sure you will advantage a lot from Ari’s course :heart:. His summer course is the bestest one for me personally and I am really glad that I purchased the class before taking the exam!
For the study materials, I used Ari’s free ems website + paid summer course, Pearsons biology and chemistry books, ( also skim and scan A levels and IB books)and SAT Barrons physics and maths. In addition, I also tried to cover all the topics mentioned in the Ari’s study planners.
I am sorry to hear about your results this year but getting over 35 by studying within 2 months is really amazing! I am sure you will be able to get in any university you want to if you give a little bit of more time preparing this year :heart_eyes_cat:. I wish you the best of luck, girl !!! You got this :four_leaf_clover::wink:!


I completely agree with @DariusDuhan summer course is an amazing way to prepare for the IMAT there are summaries pdf of all the high yield topics which serves as a quick revision tool, even if you’re reading that particular topic for the first time the information is detailed enough for what we need for the exam.

  • The Q&A forum is amazing where you can ask doubt regarding the questions and topics you’re struggling with and the community of students are more than happy to help you out one of the best thing about the feature is you get to know about different questions types as well as how to approach them and tricks you can use in the exam which might save you a lot of time.
  • The video explanation of past paper questions is an amazing way to review the content and check your mistakes while solving past papers under timed conditions Ari discusses a lot of tips, tricks as well several traps which Cambridge might use to trick students also giving us a idea about key words and how to identify them, importance of underlining it helps a lot and will reduce your chances of silly mistakes drastically.

I can completely relate to your situation i myself was writing the exam for the second time and the difference i felt by studying from the summer course compared to the last time when i self studied was huge this time my ability to understand questions was way better, thanks again to the amazing video explanations for the past paper questions as apart from content knowledge ability to deal with the question types is a vital skill for the IMAT and for that videos comes quiet handy as no other programs teaches that also i was very confident before the exam.

so, if you’re considering writing the IMAT next year you must try the summer course it will surely help you a lot also you’ll not be starting from scratch you just need to fix your mistakes and work on your weak areas and you’ll do amazing.
wishing you good luck and happy studies:)


Hi Guys from Pearson Biology which one do you suggest there are more than 5 different ones. Thank you

Hey! The correct one is mentioned on the new study planner, here Crush the IMAT 2023: A Step-by-Step Study Planner