IMAT-like questions to practice what I'm currently learning

Hello, I’m currently following Entermedschool’s Study Planner. While I study (finish reading Pearson’s biology & chemistry chapters), which IMAT-like questions should I practice what I’m currently learning with? Or is it really okay to only start doing such questions after finishing the whole material?

Hey! First of all welcome to the community.
Because we are already in May, and you finished studying, I highly encourage you to start solving BMAT and IB questions.
The BMAT exam is another exam conducted by Cambridge which has a very similar syllabus to the IMAT. The exams from 2009 to 2021 are more similar to the modern IMAT than the 2003 to 2008 set.
You shouldn’t just solve them, but I would solve each one seperately and analyze each question, including analyzing the wrong statements and why they are wrongs.
After that I would also practice past IB biology and chemistry question, skipping the ou-of-syllabus questions. You can find the IB past papers on website such as

Hope it helps!

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