Imat past paper Q 28

Hi! Let’s review the options. Now we know that when the pressure of the ventricles is at it’s highest, the heart is in ventricular systole.
A-the semi lunar valves would be OPEN as the blood will flow from the ventricles to the aorta/pulmonary artery
B-atria of the heart will be filling, this could be right as atrial systole occurs after ventricular systole so it would be “getting ready for it” so to speak
C- a wave of electrical activity would have already reached passed the AV node into the Purkinje fibres that causes the contraction of the ventricles. So this is wrong
D- the heart will be in ventricular systole not atrial systole
E- the AV valves would be CLOSED to prevent back flow of blood from the ventricle to the atria.

Hope this explanation helps!!

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