IMAT physics & math

Where I finished high school, we get 3 hours and also the right to use calculators during math and physics exams but in return we have to do rather long, difficult, and more sophisticated problems, in the IMAT however, the questions usually depend on concepts and theory. I don’t know how to do those, I’m not used to them, I also don’t know how are we supposed to memorize dozens of formulas given the huge scope of the exam. How do I get the highest yield practice and obtain the essential skills needed for the math and physics section quickly?

I have the exact same problem as you. my high school plus the examinations i took were calculator based and we were given formulas beforehand the exams. getting used to that system and then switching to memorizing has also set me back a lot. but don’t worry at all. as long as you actually get used to solving questions by time, it gets easier. I would say practice would make it perfect. instead of writing formula sheets and trying to memorize, I would suggest you solve as much questions as possible. by time, solving the same type of questions will remind you the formulas they are associated with. it takes time but once you get a hold of it, it is pretty easy. also the questions asked for math and physics are not complex so you don’t have to learn the complex formulas and their solution methods. i suggest you study from SAT books and khan academy. the level is pretty much the same. don’t use calculators and if you have problems with decimals and rational numbers, try to practice as much and take your time while solving questions. don’t time your physics and maths until you are all well and going with the formulas and no calculator policy. don’t stress, it’s doable. :slight_smile: lmk if you feel overwhelmed with this, if you have any questions you can always ask
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Thanks I guess. You’re right, I am feeling overwhelmed. From the past papers that I’ve done, I score right below the cut off mark for Bologna, because I always have to leave the last section almost completely empty, the questions that I do answer I get wrong anyways haha. Which is devastating because I got a score of 100% in math in grade 12, one of the few in the country where I currently reside, but then again, math here is pretty different. What made matters worse for me is that they reduced the critical thinking questions significantly, they were my strongest suite. Anyways Thanks for the advice, I’ll do more problems, and get more practice. You have a nice day too.

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ahaha it’s totally okay. the reason i am doing imat this year again is actually this. if i solved physics questions last year, i would’ve gotten in. i get it, but try your best!!

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