IMAT Simulator Test - Biology

Hey guys, Ari gave the answer as 2 only but there wasn’t an explanation as to why 1 and 3 are wrong. Could someone explain? Thank you:)


for 3) i believe Ari mentioned that glucose is usually fully reabsorbed in PCT not the loop of Henle
for 1) i also don’t really understand the answer for this either, i’d appreciate someone’s input!

Oh yes! I forgot about that explanation haha thank you. But yes for 1) I’m a bit confused too

This is how i thought about this question they are basically asking the reason for the low quantity of glucose in the urine the statement “usually found” doesn’t makes sense as we know almost all glucose is reabsorbed in the PCT of the nephron so almost no glucose is found although in rare cases if we have too much glucose in our blood ,our kidneys get rid of some extra glucose through urine but this is not something which happens usually or quiet often.
here the term “usually” is quite exaggerated rather i think it’s something which happens seldomly.
Hope this helps:)
My thinking might be wrong.
If anyone has a better explanation please share your views:)


Okay yeah this does make sense since it’s not found at all not usually found. Thanks!!

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