IMAT Subjects included

Hi, I would like to know if it is plausible that the IMAT’s subject would change because the provider of the exam changed. Like will the critical thinking and general knowledge part still exist or there would be no change in the subjects included in the exam

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It is likely that the exam structure would mostly be similar. This applies mainly to section 2 of the exam: Bio, chem, math, physics.
As for critical thinking, since there is nothing official yet, it will be better to stick to the fact that it will be included. So unless stated otherwise, consider it a part of the exam such that if it’s announced to be removed, you just remove it from your schedule, but if it were to stay, you will not be lacking behind and messed up. In addition to this, most med enterance exams have the same structure and include critical thinking questions to access candidates, so it is likely to stay.

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