IMAT Uni choices for EU students

Let’s say an EU person chooses their first uni choice IMS and second choice Bologna. He doesn’t pass the first round for IMS but is offered a spot at Bologna. Should he wait to see if he passes in the other rounds for IMS, or should he accept the spot at Bologna? And if he waits for IMS, will the spot at Bologna be lost? Thank you :slight_smile:

hello! this is a really complicated process. as far as i know
if the list for ims is full and you have a high score that will get you into bologna, you will get booked to bologna. as long as there are seats available (which means not everyone finished up their enrollment) you will not get assigned to bologna. and until so, you can wait as long as you want or accept other offers. you will not loose your booked uni if you wait for a higher uni that hasn’t filled the list yet
hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! Do you know if there is somewhere with more information about this topic?

you can check google, search for eu scrolling system imat
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