Improving Score - Still making those pesky silly mistakes


How do you guys recommend I improve my score, I am losing marks in Biology (negative scoring) and still struggling with some critical thinking ( I get maximum 3 wrong in each paper)
English is my first language
It’s annoying especially since I was not granted the extra time I usually get.

Hi! There’s not much to do in one day for the biology section, don’t try to learn any new material. I suggest watching YouTube videos to understand some concepts better: related to DNA, bodily functions (high yield questions). Go through the questions you got wrong in the past paper and understand why you got them wrong, make notes on some traps that may come up in the test.
For critical thinking just practice practice and figure out why you got them wrong, which type of question you got wrong and how to identify the right question. In the end there’s not much you can do in one day so just be efficient in how you study and dont cram new material!! Good luck, you got this :))
If you don’t know the answer, leave it out. It’s better to cut your losses than guessing the answer and getting it wrong (losing marks).

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My problem with logical reasoning is I always narrow it down to 2; then always choose the wrong one. I miss most marks on flaw and weakening argument questions. Biology is not knowledge, it’s reading the question properly. Thank you

Then why don’t you practice underlining the key words of the question so that you can understand them better. Answer the shorter questions before moving to the longer ones.
About critical thinking it always comes down to practice :// which you can’t do much now
Good luck!! You got this! Just make sure you’re relaxed

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