Inheritance alleles bio

in the case of polygenic inheritance, all the genes A B C control the production of a red color pigment. which of these genotypes corresponds to the highest production of color?
A. aaBBcc
C. aabbCc
D. AaBbCc
E. AAbbcc

how can we solve this question?

Hi! I believe it’s because B has the most dominant alleles for all the genes involved in colour so it will produce the most pigment. D would be right too but they mention POLYGENIC inheritance so I believe BB would give more colour than Bb. Polygenic means there is a range of possibilities - like skin colour. So here’s codominance or a bunch of genes of small effect averaging out. Does this help? :)) For example when you have a mixed kid from a black father and white mother, the child could end up with a skin tone in between them or more towards black/white.