Internship in Italy

Hey, hope you all are doing good,
I wanted to ask you about does Italy offer a 1-year internship or not because for coming back to India after my 6 years of undergrad in Italy I need to have this compulsory internship of 1 year.

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As far as I know, in Italy, everyone does a 1-year internship to be fully qualified.

So is it 6 years of undergrad then +1 year of internship. i.e. 7 years in total ??

Yes, 6 years of studies, 1 year of internship, and then 3-6 years of residency.

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Hey Ari, yesterday I got in touch with the 6th year student of IMS of medicine and surgery course , she told me that they have only 3 months of internship after graduating , and some of my acquaintance also told me that this is true .
Now in comparison to what you are telling me its completely different.
It is really confusing I dont know what exacty to belive .
My main goal is that I wanna come back to my country India and work here and if I dont have this internship i can not do that .
Plz help me out here
Thank you

Hey! I am basing my answer on the professors in Pavia, they might be outdated, and they don’t know much if at all about the requirement in India. I’d suggest contacting some doctors in India who studied medicine in EU and confirm it

Are you sure about 1 year internship in pavia ?

That is what I was told, but I will ask again.

How many months of internship or clerkship is there in 6 years of medicine program in italy ?