Ionization energy VS oxidation

A simple google surch shows me that lithium is the strongest reducing agent.
But sodium has a lower ionization energy. (Li -519kJ/Na-496kJ).
How is this contradiction reconcile?
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the reduducing ability is not only dependent on the ionization energy.
it is also dependent on:
atomic size of the atom, reduction energy and a few more.
we cannot conclude this only by the fact of ionization.
Lithium is a smaller atom than sodium. When lithium loses its outermost electron, it forms a smaller Li⁺ ion. The smaller size of the Li⁺ ion allows for a stronger attraction between the positively charged ion and the remaining electrons, making it more ready to donate its electron.


Thanks So much!
So when can the information that Li is a stronger reducing agent than Na & K be helpful? considering that K & Na have more reactivity than Li.

you can use this information in electrochemistry questions most probably but this would be a bit out of the syllabus for imat so don’t have to worry about it in detail

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