Is genetic material found in the nucleolus?

“genetic material in a eukaryotic cell is found in the nucleolus”
In the problem, this is correct answer.
I don’t know the source of the problem, so I can’t confirm the proper explanation.
Since the nucleolus is made of RNA, it may seem correct, but to be precise, the nucleolus does not contain genetic material like the nucleus.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this option?

hello! would you mind sending a photo or a text version of the question?

I’m sorry but I’ve already passed the issue and I can’t find it.
However, the format of the question was “choose one of the following that is not correct”, and there was one option that was clearly incorrect.
So the answer to my question is “correct”.

Eukaryotic Cells DNA = Nucleus
Eukaryotic RNA = Nucleolus (Site of RNA Synthesis as well)
Nucleolus lives in the Nucleus

Prokaryotes - No Nucleus_Nucleoid (Plasmid DNA Circular)

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