Is this a part of IMAT?

Do we have to know about ribozyme for IMAT?

Hey! Yes, it is part of the IMAT, I will add it to the future lessons,
Guys, @ari-student-2022 , reply to this comment if you want us to include this subject as well? Unless you studied it, let me know what you think


@AriHoresh Hey!
Personally I haven’t studied it yet but I will put it in my study plan. As we need to know about it in the Imat, I think that it’s better to be included in the lessons.


It would be great if you can include it, since we did not discuss this topic at school.


Hi , thanks for mentioning it Ari. Yes please include it if it’s part of what we need to know. I have never come across that.

Thank you.

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Hey! Yes, please include it. I studied ribosomes but i didn’t pay THAT much attention to details, now i will.
Thank you!