Italian IMAT 2022 Q 5

In June 2022, Franco spent 125% more on electricity than the same
month of the previous year. What is the relationship between the expenditure that Franco has incurred for
electricity in June 2022 and that in June 2021?
A) 9/4
B) 5/4
C) 4/5
D) 3/2
E) 0.25

Hi everyone!
Answer is A), i’m confused as to how to solve it

If electricity in June 2021 is 100%, electricity in June 2022 is 100+125=225%.
So answer is A


Hey Juliette, how did you get this paper? Is it converted to English? Thanks :))


Ari sent it in the whatsapp group, otherwise it i can send here, i the put the questions into google translate and it worked out fine

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You can upload the document to google translate and got the english doc back. It’s pretty good


I’m actually not in the WhatsApp group cause it’s full, could you please send it to me? Thanks :))

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Hey I can’t seem to be able to upload it on here, I sent you a message

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