Italian IMAT Q20

If a single nitrogenous base changes in a coding sequence of a eukaryotic gene, which of those listed is NOT a possible result?

A. with more substituted amino acids
B. shorter
C. identical to the previous one
D. Longer
E. with a substituted amino acid.

The answer is A but I don’t understand what it means by “more substituted amino acids”

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I think the translation might be at fault, it should be “with many substituted amino acids” for it to make sense in my opinion

Ohhh so basically a single base change can’t produce more amino acids that are substituted?

A single base change can substitute just the one amino acid it codes for, not any of the others in the peptide, so I think yes

Yeah I thought so too, thank you for clearing that up Juliette!! You’re a great help:))

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