Lactic fermentation

As i know In lactic fermentation Co2 is not involved But in this question I don’t know why the answer is A shouldn’t be B?

Even in this question im having the same problem. In alcoholic fermentation pyruvate is decarboxylated so Co2 its removed. But in lactic fermentation this doesn’t occur right? Can someone explain, Im confused.

Q1. Muscle cells don’t produce sweat. Muscle cells don’t undergo alcohol fermentation (so no ethanol is produced).

However, heat is produced as energy is produced during respiration. There is also a release of carbon dioxide and water in cellular respiration. On top of this muscle cells can undergo lactic acid fermentation. So A is correct.

Q2. This question is basically asking us regarding the fate of Pyruvate when we don’t have oxygen.
So, in alcoholic fermentation we can have ethanol and CO2.
While in lactic acid fermentation we have lactate/lactic acid as our product.
Hope it helps:)