Language requirment for IMAT

So i have pre enrolled my self in universty of parma for medicine but i am not sure what level of CEFR english is required for Studying in medicine/imat i think its B2 but i am not sure becasue its not mentioned in their website can anyone please help me out if its B2 then it is equal to ielts 5.5 to 6.5 bands anything under them will be ok.more prefferably 6 bands will be ok.?.

@ColeF1 Studies in Parma, I think he might be able to answer that one.
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I looked into it and here is what i found, B2 seems to be what is required. I asked a friend from Israel and he said he did not have to show certification, but this could just be because we are first year and so the administration is either behind or forgot. That being said, if you did high school in English (Im from Canada so I didn’t need it) or if you have B2 then you should be fine.

Here is what I found:
“The possession and verification of language skills are compulsory for courses taught only in a language other than Italian. Students are therefore required to have an adequate knowledge of English (B2 level language certification). The methods for verifying knowledge of English language level B2 and the knowledge required for admission are defined in the course regulations. In the event that the verification is not positive, specific additional training obligations will be provided for, to be fulfilled during the first year of the course, with verification methods defined in the didactic regulations of the course of study.”

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Just wanted to add some new info - This week we actually had administration tell us that anyone that did not have a B2 certificate would have to take an online test to prove they are B2 level. It is may be provided by the University but we cannot promise this. It is better to get it before

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Then in the case of Parma, if we don’t have B2 english certificate or have lower score than that, those students have to take another(English)test during first grade??
I was worried that i might not be able to enroll in parma because I passed the Imat exam but (by any chance) couldn’t get B2 english certification… @ColeF1

it depends, it will be written under language requirements in the ‘Call to Applicants’. sometimes you have to finish the language requirement before but it varies university to university. Some cases you are expected to complete it during the first school year or you cannot progress. If you can sit the test before the imat or in the month after the imat before the results come out, it is best.