Logic percentage question


10 people in the population means that a circle will hypothetically be divided into 10 sections i.e. a section for every person lets suppose
Find the diameter of the circle i.e. the line that divides it into halves, you can notice it being next to the Dawn and Noon newspapers on its left

Now the Dawn and noon both account to 5 people and these are 2 magazines but they are asking about 5 magazines. From here we will go above the diameter and count 3 extra slices or segments which are The Sunset, the Cappuccino and the Latte (interesting names I must say lol)

5 people in Dawn and Noon plus 3 people in sunset cappuccino and latte means 5+3=8

Good luck!

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Hi thanks a lot for your reply!!, but i didn’t quite get the part where counted three extra segments above the diameter could you please elaborate on that .

yeah sure:

the five segments below the diameter are representing 5 people (i know it says newpapers, but imagine that they are also the counts of people in each of them), however the highlighted parts under the diameter are only 2 newspapers containing 5 people, they are asking for 3 newspapers so go up by three newspapers and each newspapers would represent one of the people

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thank you very much!!!

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