Logic percentage question

can someone please solve this

Hello Rozan! So in year 1 you can see that out of 2,000 employees, 50% of them is between 30-50 years.

2,000 x 0,5 = 1,000 employees 30-50

Therefore the total of expenditure due to bonuses for each employee between that age in that year is:

1,000 x 2,000 = 2,000,000 = 2 million dollars

One thing I didn’t understand was the first graphic because I didn’t have to use it, is IMAT usually like that to confuse you?


Hi Mari, thank you for response , but how did you know that there are 2000 employees ? I am a bit confused.This isn’t an IMAT question, so hopefully IMAT questions are less confusing.

I assumed that the second column of numbers was the total of employees in each year. But it is indeed confusing. Also I just noticed that I used 0,5 instead of 0.5 lol that’s because in Brazil we use , instead of . for decimal numbers. I apologize for that

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you shouldn’t apologize for anything, thank you soo much, you’ve been a great help

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