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Two companies have just started a round­the­clock air taxi service between Rome and Milan. They use the same flight path and fly at constant speeds at different altitudes. Planes owned by the company Alpha­Air take off from Rome every 10 minutes and take 90 minutes to reach Milan. Planes owned by the company Beta­Air take off every 5 minutes and take 60 minutes to reach Milan. Captain Johnston, who flies for Beta­Air, takes off from Rome 5 minutes after the previous Alpha­Air flight has departed.
How many Alpha­Air planes (flying from Rome to Milan) will Captain Johnston have passed as he lands in Milan?
IMAT 2013, question number 25

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  3. 2 - The correct answer
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    How do you solve it?

Is the asnwer 0?

hey, this question has been answered before and by the way in both exam answer key and this solution it is mentioned that the correct answer is 3 flights. guess u made a typo .
hope to be helpful.


Thank you, it should be fixed now!